Sunday, June 16, 2013


Ahhh, just by writing these three letters I already feel a spike of adrenaline released in the pit of my stomach. EDC standing for Electric Daisy Carnival is a music festival event unlike any other. Many people, including myself struggle finding words to describe it. It is a task similar to explaining to someone what a rose is like who has never came across one. I can tell you how delicate it looks, how tender its petals are, how refreshing it smells, but no matter how much I try, my words will never be able to fully capture the qualities of the rose. Now explaining EDC is far more difficult.

Electric Daisy Carnival The first EDC was hosted in Los Angeles California in 1997 at the Shrine Expo Hall. Much smaller then with around 5000 attendees; all big things have small beginnings. By 2008 it moved to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Expo Park. Reaching a capacity of over 65,000 patrons, the craze of EDC intensified year after year as the word spread. (EDC12LVA_121. 2012. Photograph. Las Vegas. Edc12lva_121. By Rukes. Rukes. Web. 15 June 2013.)

Sexy New Rave Costume From Yourlamode.comWhy so popular? What’s so special about some concert right? Well without getting boggled down on the details, which would require mentioning the incredible artists playing upbeat electronic music (much of which originates from Europe), I will focus on the culture of EDC.

Many talk about a utopia as though it were fictitious, never being able to exist. Human nature is innately corrupt and no matter where you run to, you can’t escape it. At EDC we managed to find a way to do that (at least for a night).  The energy in the air is contagious, infecting any who come into contact, symptomatic of bright eyes and big smiles.

Conversations flow between strangers as though rushing out of floodgates. People are genuinely concerned with those around them and truly have no ulterior motives. Nobody is trying to spark a conversation in the hope of something to gain. Everyone is open and receptive to others, embracing the joys of those around them as though they were their own.

It must sound like I’m exaggerating. I know. I thought people were fluffing everything up too but once I had gone, everything changed. The experience at EDC goes beyond entertainment. It is something more, something brighter. It is spiritual. I earnestly swear that you change as a person after going to one of these events. You will see people in a new way, a more humbling and appreciating perspective. A seed gets planted where you begin to understand that everyone has something to offer, even the most unlikely of us.

Waves of excitement rush over as you see crowds and crowds of people who are all smiling and dancing, listening to music. Most, including myself, have never seen 185,000 people all in one place before.

People of different ages, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, and countries are all laughing and getting along together. It’s strange to think that this is such an anomaly, but it really is. Most can agree that a single night at a bar cannot come to a close without at least one fight happening. The even worse thing is that there usually are maybe between 200 to 300 people at one of these bars. At EDC there is almost 500 times that amount and no fighting happens.

The ground shakes with each pulse of bass. Sounds and lights shoot from each and every direction. Everyone is moving; nodding their heads, stomping their feet, pumping their fists, jumping. A magical auro circulates in the atmosphere as though pixie dust has been sprinkled over the masses. It doesn’t matter if you’re a good dancer or terrible, you’re honored just the same.

With all the borders drawn between countries, all the endless feuds brewing that date back generations before ours; Wars raging in battle torn countries with people tragically giving their lives for what they believe in. So many of the elements of life we learn is based on drawing lines in the sand between those around us. We’re trained experts in deciphering the differences among others. With all this pointing against us, somehow in a location with over 1/10th of a million people present from all walks of life, we are able to oversee our differences.

EDC will be a great experience for any goer. There are always bad apples no matter where you go. Don’t worry, they stick out like a swore thumb. You will find yourself hesitant and skeptic, but this is only fear of the unknown that likes to hold you back. Share the momentum at EDC now located in Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, New York City, London, and Puerto Rico. Much gratitude is deserved to those who work so hard for making this such an incredible event, including Insomniac, its event staff, the artists, the security and law enforcement agencies who allow for all this to occur in a controlled and healthy manner.

Stomp hard, jump high, laugh loud, and don’t look back. EDC is one of the few events in your life that will literally shake your perspective so drastically. Don’t feel that your age or any other factors will hinder you from blending in. We are all camouflaged under the blanket of appreciation for life. It is an awesome time to be alive and to celebrate all the good that humanity has done. It doesn’t need to be a holiday or death in the family to take a second to appreciate what we have.  Nothing is more precious than life, so lets take advantage of it. Be safe and maybe by the quirky chance of fate I’ll find myself next to you at EDC 2013 celebrating life!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Searching through the Wardrobe - How to Dress for a Birthday Party

By Rita Rova 01.25.13 4:46 PM

We attend countless events in our lives – cocktails, dinner parties, weddings, anniversaries, Halloween parties and so on, and so on. Out of all the types of events out there, the birthday party is the most common one and the one we attend most often. Whereas most of those events have a dress code and it’s quite easy to choose an outfit, the birthday party can be tricky. If it’s your birthday party you have to shine more than everyone else; if it’s someone else’s, you have to look great but not too great as to draw attention away from the birthday boy or girl.

So, is it time to start preparing? Are you attacking the wardrobe again and again in a desperate effort to find the perfect outfit? What should it be?

First of all, you need to consider the level of formality that will accompany the event. If you are going to a children’s party, you should wear something stylish yet comfortable because there will be a lot of running around involved. If it’s a friend’s party, your outfit should be fun and vibrant. If it’s your parent’s party, the outfit should be more conservative.

As a general piece of advice, remember never to wear an outfit that is too revealing. There is a time and place for such a look and a birthday celebration is not it – you could embarrass the host or steal their thunder.

As an addition to the above, extremely short dresses and skirts are never the best idea – a birthday party often involves activities such as sitting on the floor, dancing on a table and so on. Instead of something short, choose your favourite pair of skinny jeans, a very elegant pair of trousers or a stylish long skirt – those will make you comfortable and allow you to perform all kinds of activities.

Remember the operative word – celebration. A birthday party is not the place to go all black but rather try on a bright combination or a fun print. By choosing the right clothing you will be able to establish a proper mindset even before you arrive – you are going to have fun, fun and more fun.

Is it your birthday party? Oh well, that is a whole other story…

You might be tempted to wear your newest, shortest, most sparkling, etc. outfit. But remember that as a host, you will be required to do the most walking around to attend to all your guests. The same piece of advice applies to your highest killer heels – they might look amazing but how long will you be able to walk around with them?

And yet you have to shine, it’s your party. Instead of opting for the short and revealing outfit, why not put your money on sparkle? That way people will be able to notice you from across the room and come over to congratulate you. Of course, keep it all stylish and tasteful – you want to be a birthday sensation, not a birthday disaster.

A birthday party is the best place to test your newest and funkiest pieces of jewellery regardless of whether it’s yours or someone else’s party. Make weird combinations, try your funniest ideas – all your friends will be there to give you their opinion and if the test results are no good, you can always take the pieces off and put them in your handbag. If you want to get several pieces to experiment with, buying stylish jewellery at a discount is easy enough if you shop online.

If the host wants to establish a dress code, you will be informed prior to the event and have no difficulty in selecting the perfect outfit. If there is no dress code, all you have to do is consider the types of activities that will be performed and choose clothes with those in mind. Most importantly, the outfit should be you and give you the freedom to have lots and lots of fun.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Were You Naughty or Nice this Year?

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Naughty or Nice?

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Playful Bunny Costume

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Why wear costumes this Halloween?

Sexy Lion Costume

There are a number of different reasons why girls puts on sexy clothing during Halloween. With the variety of items and themes available, a person can show her originality and share something about who they are in their choice of dress up costume. A woman can go to the party as a hippie chick, complete with vest, top, skirt, or flowered pants. Another sexy idea would be dressing up in a sexy lion costume and Leg warmers.
Parties are one reason why adults would wear something other than their usual clothing.  Sharing there sexy ideas and creativity. 

For Example some events may have fun themes like inmates and police. All male would be inmates. Female attending the same event can implement police officers.

What you decide reflects who you are. There are million of options available for women that are fun or even full on sexy. One reason Why loves Halloween, is because is the only time you can be anything you want. So why not pretend to be someone else and try on a different character for one night?

Monday, August 6, 2012

What will you be for Halloween 2012?

What sexy costume are you going to dress up in Halloween?

Sexy Wolf Costume
We are so excited that the new 2012 costume designs are finally here. This year it's all about sexy and furry costumes. as all the new collection of super hero costume, animal costume, fantasy costume, and more.
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Here Is my top 5 for 2012 Costumes
1) Sexy Assassin Costume
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5) Husky Costume

We will be adding more, so please check back!